How Many Lights Do I Need For My Christmas Tree?

All realistic artificial Christmas trees or fresh cut, are traditionally lit up for the festive season. Here is our easy guide to How Many Christmas lights a tree needs to be just right, ensuring you get the perfect lit tree.

Ultimately it’s down to personal taste how many lights you would like on a tree. But the guide below is to help roughly map out per foot.

A basic number would be to work off 100 bulbs per 2 foot Christmas tree. Depending how full or spread-out you want the lights.

3 to 4 foot 100 Christmas Tree Lights

If you have small trees, for example, 3 – 4 foot. 100 Christmas lights are perfect to give them the festive sparkling bling.

4 to 5 foot 200 Christmas Tree Lights

4 – 5 foot Christmas trees look ideal with 200 Christmas lights. Multi coloured or warm/white. It would certainly bring the festive feel.

5 to 6 foot 300 Christmas Tree Lights

The norm for 5 – 6 foot tree usually goes by 360 Christmas Tree Lights. Depending on what you prefer Multi action lights are fantastic at bringing the magic.

6 to 7 foot 400 Christmas Tree Lights

Each Christmas tree can be unique, for 6 to 7 foot trees there is no exception, Ideally these size trees need between 400 to 500 lights, For example, you could always place our 480 Christmas tree lights, finishing it off nicely.

7 to 8 foot 500 Christmas Tree Lights

Everyone as a preferred set number of lights per foot of tree. For 7 – 8 foot tree, we always suggest to go for 500 plus. By using connectable say by 100 lights each it can add extra sparkle. Depending what you are trying to achieve.

8 to 9 foot 600 Christmas Tree Lights

With larger trees, its best looking at 600 or more lights. You have a bit area to cover, and the tree needs to have lights evenly around it.

Bigger Christmas Tree Lights

9 to 10 foot 700 to 1000 Christmas Tree Lights

For big trees, we need to look more wisely at if, 700 lights cover 9ft compared to our 1000 Christmas lights ideal for 10ft. There is no exception with big 10 foot trees, these can be for the majority of time be outside, our Christmas lights are for both indoor and outdoor and battery operated.

12 foot 1200 Christmas Tree Lights

12 foot trees, we ideal need to be thinking 1200 plus, Christmas Lights. these massive trees have more to cover and when they are, they look very special indeed.

We hope this guide from us will be handy when researching How Many Lights you Need For a Christmas Tree. Contact us with any feedback you wish to share with us. Weather that be a new light product or a feature for our website. We want to make your time with us special and unique.

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