Halloween Christmas Trees Guide

Halloween celebrations is still a growing trend in the UK. And one thing we are currently seeing is artificial Christmas trees are being using as Halloween Trees. A simple Christmas trees, covered with Halloween decorations and lights. Sound very simple doesn’t it?. Here is our guide to Halloween tree ideas using our Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees.

First we would need to choose a size, we have a range of sizes, from 2.5ft, 3ft, 5ft, 6ft and 7ft. Demanding of the size of your room and what you would like on your tree, will determine the size you should go for.

For example, if you wish to showcase Halloween on a book case, table in front of the window. Our 3 Foot Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees would be ideal for this job. for example of the pictures below

Pic Credit: Pinterest

With your own unique twist, you can browse for small Halloween decoration and dot them around a 3 footer, maybe add a string of Halloween tinsel to break them up. to be extra unique, add skulls, pumpkins anything small you can find. This can be done for an example, on all size trees.

Take this Halloween tree, they used a Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree, highly decorated with Halloween goodies and colour, while using warm white Christmas lights. Its a simple yet effective tree, that impresses.

pic credit: manchestereveningnews

The creativity behind, these Halloween trees, are very impressive, and yet simple. Our trees can be used to for Halloween and as well as Christmas. The sky’s the limit to what they can be used for appropriately.

However you decide to use our Christmas trees, We hope the Halloween Christmas Trees Guide, will be handy. Contact us with any feedback you wish to share with us. Weather that be a new tree or decoration product or a feature for our website. We want to make your time with us special and unique.

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