A Guide To Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Trees are the main focus for your home. We traditionally decorate, admire it’s sparkle, place gifts and gather round to celebrate with family and friends.

We aim to provide a tree that not only stands tall and looks magical to suit your budget and style. Here is A Guide To Artificial Christmas Trees so you can choose wisley when buying.

Artificial Trees from Solihull Christmas

When choosing an artificial tree it can be overwhelming. They come in many shapes, sizes and colour, this can be hard when choosing a tree. To help you choose the right tree for your home. This guide will narrow down to where to begin and for you to ultimately enjoy your artificial Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas Trees Height

It can be very tempting to pick a tree, bringing it home and it doesn’t fit. Before buying any Christmas tree, it is best to find the perfect spot and measure your room height from floor to ceiling. It is more common to leave half a foot from the tree to the ceiling. Here is a simple visual guide.

A Guide To Artificial Christmas Trees Size Chart

The common average UK ceiling height is 8ft. This would mean you will need to consider buying a tree anywhere up to 7 to 7.5ft. This will give you enough space to add a topper, and give you a grand sparkling finish. We have many different size trees to cover all spaces in your home.

Artificial Tree Width and Styles

The construction of a tree can play a big part when choosing. Some artificial trees come with a branch hook methods. The branch have hooks to be attached to the centre pole, or you can opt into easy construction, where tree branches are pre attached to the main trunk.

These fold flat to the tree when packed, allowing you to just pull out and branch fluff when setting up. Both methods have their Pros and Cons and is considered a personal choice to what construction style you want.

We also take into account the grade of the tree. When opting into buying artificial over real trees, we should look at appearance and its overall fullness. The top high quality trees tend to perform best, the tips are precision moulded from tree branches and to mimic realism they use polyethylene.

On the other hand, the world of PVC as significantly progressed. Allowing the tip styles to look more realistic then previous times. Commonly most tree are a mix of PE & PVC branch tips, giving ultimate realistic finished look.

Pre-Decorated vs Un-Decorated Christmas Trees

Do you start from the beginning with a un-decorated tree or get a pre-decorated tree and enjoy the magic they bring from the moment you get it home. The choice is hard as both have good merits on either choice. Your personal choice comes down to how much time you want to put in your tree.

Un-lit Christmas Trees

For example, the traditional un-lit tree will always give you the freedom to experiment with lights. You will be able to hang as much as you like or not hang any at all.

Pre-lit Christmas Trees

Pre-lit artificial trees, ultimately can be set up quickly and easily. This still gives you the choice to add more lights and decorations as required to your preferred style.


Flocked Christmas trees, means to give it that wonderland natural look, Using a white mixture and sprinkling it over the tree and branches. There are many trees pre-flocked with added decorations. Or you can always opt into flocking your tree yourself if you prefer to go full DIY mode, but this is a messy task, but worth the effort if done right.

Pop Up Trees

Pop up trees, were designed with storage and minimum effort in mind. They can come natural or flocked. They offer such practical time saving set ups and can easily be decorated. The designs allow you to place in your desired spot and allow you to pull up and when finished they are very easy to collapse.

Fibre Optic Trees

There is something mesmerizing about watching a fibre optic tree. The trees themselves are just covered from head to toe with pure multi coloured lights. These are a modern tree that do bring some magical element to Christmas.

What ever tree you do decide to buy. We hope A Guide To Artificial Christmas Trees, will be handy when you do. Contact us with any feedback you wish to share with us. Weather that be a new tree product or a feature for our website. We want to make your time with us special and unique.

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